Friday, 9 June 2017

class47peter on: The Oxford Rail Adam's Radial Tanks

I have seen so many people on the internet having a go at those who prefer the Hornby Adam's Radials over the ones produced by Oxford Rail, i'm sorry but there is really no need for this

You cannot expect everyone to buy every single new item that gets released onto the market and likewise when a new manufacturer brings out their first model you cannot force people into buying it or export them to do so, its called each to their own, people have preferences of which they are entitled to have

What really gets my goat with this is that its perfectly okay for people to slag off and rant about those who have said Hornby's Adams Radials are better than Oxford's yet it isn't okay for people to express their own opinion on why they think Hornby's is better and for people to prefer Hornby's over Oxford's, for christ sake let people have their own opinion, its an opinion it isn't a fact

I also cannot stand this either because it makes very extremely uncomfortable to see people ranting in such a way about those who feel a Hornby model is better than a manufacturers that at the time had only come out because its as if expressing your own opinion your rightly entitled to have is wrong and it makes me feel that people are forcing you to go out and buy Oxford's model and it makes you feel like your are a bad person for just having this one opinion, i couldn't give a flying flute that this was Oxford's first model, some people wanted the Oxford's model and thought it was best, others wanted the Hornby model and thought it was best, if everyone liked and wanted the same thing it would all be boring

There are people who like Oxford's model and there are people who like Hornby's, end of story, if you cannot handle one giving an opinion on one model being better than another do yourselves a favor and don't express your own opinion one those who are giving their own opinion, its not like your opinions will affect the sales of a model or anything

I am not trying and not meaning to start wars and arguements, i wanted to get this off my chest because i am sick of it

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